Sanjida Awal

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    Sena Kalyan Bhaban,Dhaka 1000

Sanjida Awal represents the third generation of Prime Group’s founding family. She joined Prime Group in July 2015 as a Director of Marketing, Human Resource Management, and as well a Sponsor of National Credit and Commerce Bank (NCCB). She has a diverse educational background with a degree of Medicine of Doctor, Marketing, Management Information System, and International Business from the United State of America. Under Sanjida’s astute leadership, Prime has built strong momentum in its home market, augmented its capability, strengthened its core, and shown significant improvement in its Operating margin and financial spreadsheet. Sanjida’s goal is to define and execute Prime Group’s strategic growth roadmap and geographical footprint, identify the next levers of growth, invest in innovation for the future which excels the organization in the next level of success, and build the right organization. She is recognized as a diligent leader and a firm believer in the power of agile business models, disruptive technologies, data-driven analytics, and a future-ready workforce with a view to shaping the Company’s ecosystem and making a difference to the country.