About Prime

Prime Group of Industries is a notable Industrial House in Bangladesh. Spinning, Steel, Real state, Trading, Clearing & Forwarding, Agro Product, Nutrition Industry, Banking, Insurance, Financial & Securities, Information Technology, Ship Breaking and Education is the latest area of its operation.

This group has an outstanding and long history. Regarding its beginning. Its step by step growth. The first unit of the industry was founded in 1932.

The Socio-political environ of 1932 is beyond our comprehension today. The subcontinent was a Colony of the British. Eastern Bengal was the most exploited and backward area. The whole sub-continent was the protected market for British goods. To dream to set up a manufacturing industry itself touched the fringes of defiance. The founding father Alhaj M. A. Mannan was an honest man to the hilt. That transmitted bravery in his veins. He ventured to proceed.

1995 is the sixty third year of PRIME HOUSE. These 63 years have an unbreaking chain of development. It will be evident from our brief chronicle made as the profile of the Company. Thus and so, the prime Group of Industries is not made in a day.

THE EDIFICE: Late Alhaj Abdul Mannan, the distinguished father of the present Chief of the Group was a great visionary. The vast multitude of people in this area were ignored by the Manchester based textile strategy of the British Empire. Local cottage handloom products were uncompetitive with the products of industrial revolution. Demand and supply was in a state of total jeopardy. The society was in need of some such leaders who could provide a near successful solution.

Alhaj Late Abdul Mannan was one of the very few. He envisioned the Japanese type of handloom frames as replacement of conventional ones. It was a great innovation. These looms are capable of yielding finer quality and higher quantity of production. They still dominate the requirements of the cottage industry sector in Bangladesh. He set up the fist foundry engineering to build Japanese type of handloom. The market response was excellent. The first foundry engineering in this part of the world was crowned with success. Thus, an industrial house was born. That is our prideful legacy.