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Prime Textile Spinning Mills Ltd

Prime Textile Spinning Mills Ltd. was established in 1988, with 25,000 spindles capacity of most modern spinning pieces of machinery, imported from Japan to produce yarn for the production of clothing for our export-oriented garment industries.

This was the most modern yarn manufacturing mill which has a very good reputation in South Asia. We were featured in an article in Development Finance in Asia and the Pacific mentioning our status.

We further made BMRE of this same mill with another 28,000 spindles yarn mill with most modern pieces of machinery from Germany to supply the export-oriented garments industry.

We can produce 20,000 kg yarn per day on an average. The factory manpower is approximate 1755.

We have a rotor spinning section in this factory with 1344 spindles. With the open-end production system, we produce 3000 KG yarn per day on an average.

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