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Why join the Prime Group of Industries team?
The role of all Prime Group of Industries team members is to provide a smooth day to day experience to our clients, which is similar to the feeling customers enjoy when they communicate with their own employees. You'll be dealing with customers that range from novices to experts so you'll always be faced with fresh challenges. Because you'll be sharing your knowledge you'll be forming a kind of mateship with your customers, which will encourage them to come back again and again.

That's why we are looking for individuals who are adaptable, passionate about their area of expertise and are committed to gaining knowledge and skills through the training we provide. Prime Group of Industries team provides a safe working environment where all team members respect each other by acting in an honest, caring and understanding manner.

Our Values to our Employees:
Passion – We aim to create an environment in which we share a passion for our business and our contribution and successes are recognised. Openness – We are committed to open and effective communication and we are respectful of others’ opinions. Integrity – We only say things that we know are true and we only commit to things that we can do. Care – We value each member of the team, our customers, our suppliers and are committed to caring for our environment. Discipline – We commit to the plan and follow the agreed processes and standards.

Bonus structure
Team Members also participate in a bonus structure designed to recognise and reward team performance.

Professional and Personal Development
We have a highly engaged employee learn and development programme to motivate all the employees towards the next step with their career. We also closely monitor any issues that may arise on the job and have several procedures to ensure our employees enjoy a secure and safe workplace.

Health and Well Being
We have a range of Health & Well-Being activities and initiatives designed to educate and assist Team Members to live a safe and healthy life; both inside and outside of work.

To apply for a job please mention the job in your Cover page and apply filling out this box below, Good Luck!
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