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Chairman Prime Group is Seen with the Ambasador of Germany & Other Hoisting the National Flag of Bangladesh & Germany on the Opening Ceremony of The Mill.
A View Of The Cooling Tower to Feed Cooled Water to The Gas Generator
His Excelancy the Ambasador of USA was Received at the mill on 22nd February 1998.
Chairman Prime Group his excelancy the Ambasador of USA & his wife at Prime's rest house
Chairman Prime group is Showing the layout Map to his excelancy the Ambasador Of USA & his Wife
The Modern Plucking Machine of Trutzler Prime's blow room
Raw cotton is being sorted at blow room to remov contamination.
Chairman prime group is showing the operation of the mill to Ambasador of USA.
Chairman prime group is explaining the operation of card machine to M.D OF Janata Bank.
Chairman Prime Group is explaining the operation of LAP at blow room
Chairman Prime Group and M.D Janata Bank.
The crosrol card machine is in operation
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