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Day to day operation of the company is vested with the Management Organ .The Chief is the Managing Director Mr. M.A. Awal.

A team of MBAs of Finance, Marketing and Management discipline are always at his back and call. Chartered Accountants and Textile Engineers besides other professionals remain handy.

The chief Executive, the Senior Executive and Executives at all levels are having defined job responsibilities and set goals and objectives with adequate financial and administrative authorities to realize the objectives. In order to co-ordinate management’s efforts at all levels effectively and to establish vertical and horizontal integration of the management efforts and communication systems the whole communication system including feed back rest’s on ‘Novel’ network connected through modem to modem communication between the factory and corporate head quarter. Moreover the company is in the process of integrating the whole Management, Financial and Manufacturing process under one computerized integrated system with the ultimate goal of creating ‘Paper Less’ office. To this affect the company is in the process of finalizing agreement with an USA based company for devising the complete package.